About Me

So I a 20 something Londoner, who has 3 loves in life – Soca, Mac & Cheese and Wine. My intentions of this blog is to create an accurate depiction of the complex, complicated and contradictory entity that is Maria. Sometimes it will be honest confession and dictations of an inebriated stream of consciousness, sometimes it will be wine influenced commentaries on popular culture, social issues or something lingerie related.   

Carnival / Soca
I epitomise the spirit of Lucy. Lucy gave me the freedom to lose myself on the road. Soca culture is all about living in the moment and “carrying on bad”. Soca culture in particularly carnival doesn’t care about how much you earn, the clothes you wear or how much you weight. As long as you’ve come with the best vibes, that all you need. As a person hyper critical of their own appearance and behaviour, the freedom this provides me is cathartic. My mind , body and soul come together on the road.

Wine & Her Wonderings
I love wine, Echo Falls in particularly and Fruit Fusions  specifically. Don’t get me wrong I love brown liquor, in the words of Busta “pass me the Courvosier” – and I’m extremely partial to Uncle Wrays and Patron. But for me Echo Falls Fruit Fusions is my preferred lubricant to facilitate free flowing writing. I have a habit of being too cerebral and overly structured in my writing, however an excessively intoxicated Ria, is more concerned with throwing her ass in a circle and acting paradoxically dehydrated.