Blue Therapy: Addressing The Issues

My latest article on Millennial Femme dissecting 3 of the major issues conveyed in the online show Blue Therapy

Millennial Femme

Whether Blue Therapy is a piece of fact or fiction, the cultural relevance of the online miniseries cannot be denied. Blue Therapy uses the context of a “therapy session” to address the issues plaguing modern relationships. No stranger to “trash” guilt pleasure like entertainment, Blue Therapy and provides a reflection of modern relationships and attempts to marry 2nd generational.

Jamel & Deborah:The topics tackled in the therapy include conflicting priorities, trust and control issues

Paul & Chioma: The topics tackled in the therapy include Paul’s controlling nature, lack of romance and intimacy, different preferences.

Issue 1: You Want to Spend But I Want to Save

If you’re unaware of the situation, Deborah wants her partner Jamel to take her on expensive holidays, fancy restaurants and shower her with luxury presents because that is what she expects from her partner and that is the experience Jamel provided in the preliminary…

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