Birthday Princess

So I know I posted a think piece about my birthday, but I forgot to actually speak about my birthday. I’m not going to let my negative mind space cloud my perspective of my birthday. Especially when taking into consideration that nothing momentously bad happened and thus objectively my 24th birthday was my best birthday (on paper). For my birthday I booked a VIP package on a boat party with a load of my closest friends. The boat was organised by @YPEvents and launched from Festival Pier. The music was good, staff and promoters were friendly and there was good vibes all round. I think if was drunker, less self conscious and less concerned with trying to put out fires (e.g. missing friend, knocked down sisha pipes and table intruders) – I may have had a better time. Nonetheless my friends enjoyed and that was my main priority. The following day was a chill birthday meal with some sisha. The nightlife aspect was a little bit of a let own but I got drunk and the DJ was accommodating.

Special thanks and every positive feeling goes to Sharifah for understanding and bearing with me. You somehow make it work it work each ear despite netball and martial arts. . through netball. All the love to Arianne, Antonia, Bianka, Ayesha, Kemisha & Reanna for coming through. Thank you to Sophie, Alimat, Kamarl & Blake for the birthday wishes.

birthday video

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