Besties at Ballie Ballerson

So I decided to treat my darling best friend to Ballie Ballerson for her 24th birthday. For those not in the know, Ballie Ballerson is London’s premier adult ball pit + bar and is located in hipster central aka Shoreditch,. It has 3 rooms (pink pit, main room and gold pit) with the gold pit solely for the use of VIP guests. Despite being a relatively new addition to London nightlife, the ticket only bar has quickly turned into a guaranteed sell out night out. So location, location, location is important, however I attribute Ballie Ballerson’s success to their understanding of their target market and their Instagram appeal. Consisting of theatrical cocktails, amazing music and cool backdrops, Ballie Ballerson is the perfect hangout for professional and amateur influencers/ us regular smegular folks trying to live our best lives. I feel like it’s the perfect combination of nostalgia, carefree vibes and “turn up”. The DJ plays the best in commercial Hip-Hop, old school “Slow Jamz” and R&B.; perfect feel god music. Life and adulting is hard enough so any opportunity to escape the harsh realities of life and frolick in balls while drinking fancy cocktails is needed.

Pink Room

This room gives me Baby Spice meets Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde’ vibes. The pinnacle of “Instagrammable” this was my favourite room for a multitude of reasons. Situated next to the front door, this room had a large window looking out to the main road and sassy slogans on the wall. I felt like I was inside a Selfridge window display, trying to recreate a girls band music video. We has chose the earliest slot so for a long time, it was just me and my best friend (which was perfect) jumping into balls, while listening to old school R&B Also the “ball guard”/ customer support person was amazing, she knew was incredibly friendly, knew all my angles/ when to take the picture. Poor girl had to help me out when I got stuck and look for a lost phone on silent #AbsoluteTrooper.

Main Room

The main room aka the disco room is the largest room in the establishment . Consisting of mirrored walls, clear/white balls and colour changing mood lighting, this was the party room – cue twerking and mirror pictures from every angle. Unfortunately the biggest room means the room filled with the most people. Too may people, alcohol and dancing, combined with only one ventilation source meant I felt the heat. Luckily I picked the earliest time, so I actually had the space to jump and to dive into the pit. As it got later and it got busier, mine and Sharifah’s focus shifted from ball play to dancing and vibing – it essentially turned into a rave.

Final Comments

So I will there definitely visit Ballie Ballerson again at some point because twerking up a storm in a ballpit is one my favourite things of life. It doesn’t beat the aesthetic of wukkin it up in synthetic foam or being sprayed with dollars but it’s close. £25 for 2 hours of fun is slightly steep but as a seasoned marketer I understand brand premium and the fact that I’m definitely paying for the ambience. I will probably go as apart of a celebration so I get to experience the VIP ball pit The dope music and overpriced cocktails are tasty but the best thing about the experience is frolicking in the balls. When I go again I will definitely pick the earliest slot because when it get’s busy it get busy and you definitely need space.

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