Case File No. 10

His just another guy who told me goodbye
With no malicious intentions to make me cry
Just another guy to add to the list of niggas who made me cry
And bawl to the stage where I was ready to it end it all
Echoes of the familiar proclamation that I’m such a nice girl
“You’re so sweet, you’ll find someone.. you deserve the world”
But just not with them, Oh God no definitely not with them
There’s someone out there for you – just not me “M”
The only part that truly had me vexed, is when you said
That you wanted to go for dinner with my mum
Because I was dumb enough to believe, that you actually wanted me
Deluded enough to believe that marriage with me
Is something you wanted to achieve, rather than just limbs inside
Hope it was worth it now the pussy has dried and I’m still craving suicide
You’re just another nigger who made me feel like this
Despondent, inconsolable and fallen into remiss

DISCLAIMER – drunk on LIDL brand wine

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