U . N . D . E . R . D . O . G

To my lost one

I would have changed everything about myself to please you
Rather than have the self respect or the resolve to leave you
Last week, I would have made every concession,
But now I have to vie for your affection
Now I have to compete for your attention
There is no competition, I can’t do this competition
There’s no need for the attrition. I know my position:
Last place or first replacement. Nothing but dedication and submission
from you’re ever grateful plan B, gone out of my life
Well versed in the art of failure and defeat, there’s no need for me to try
Just let me cry and simmer in this strife, because truthfully
I couldn’t survive the ultimate rejection, the overwhelming dejection
I know I’ll lose, because if I was you I wouldn’t be the one I’d choose
You’ll be happier with her, she’s far less complicated
Probably more educated, confident and far less emotionally difficult
You won’t have to deal with things that aren’t your fault
No longer left to heal my emotional and physical scars – just another reason

With Regards

*DISCLAIMER* drunken spoke word letter to the latest person who broke my heart. This s what I wish I could send I him but I know my therapist would disapprove. I’m happy I never gave him the link to this. Bare with me kids, the next days are a lot

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