Lingerie…Issa Vibe

img_8912This is my introductory lingerie post and it has been the longest time coming. This section of my blog has stayed empty for the longest time because although I have a heavily invested-in lingerie addiction, my soul esteem isn’t always present in a quantity that allows me to show it. Naturally you may ask why do I buy it, especially if I don’t show it and honestly, I couldn’t give you a reason other than it feeds my soul.  I’m perpetually single, so it’s not like I’m buying it to spice up things in the bedroom or impress a potential “bae”. Also I say this knowing a large majority of my fellow lingerie lovers would attest to the fact that most guys barely care about lingerie, they admire it for the 5 minutes then it’s off. They’re more likely to rip and tear it, than admire the delicacy of the tulle or lace, complement the print, or notice the accentuation of the frills & bows. I can emphatically say  that I buy lingerie solely for me.

Image 2 Lingerie is just my vibe, it’s an absolute mood. I probably own more underwear than outer wear simply because it looks and feels better. Lingerie is made to feel good against the skin, even the basic cotton bras allow your body to breathe. This shoot/ set of pictures perfectly encapsulates my entire vibe. I tell everyone my “brand” is chilling in satin nightwear set or a babydoll drinking white wine. I can honestly say I never feel more contempt and self-assured than when I’m in something sexy nestling a glass of wine and/or a teddy shaped hot water bottle. Some people love onesies but I love and prefer being in satin night wear. Especially when I’m sleeping with satin bedsheets and duvet cover – slipping and sliding is the way to go ALWAYS. Waking up and slinking out of bed puts me in a better mood – I’d be lying if I said other “stuff” doesn’t help. Lingerie like other things is just something I like to do for myself. I don’t think sexy lingerie should be a delight permissible to individual’s who have a significant other.  Especially now when most people are reliant on external validation (e.g. social media engagement and lies from guys), to prop up flailing self worth. There’s nothing wrong with trying to look good for “bae”, but sexy lingerie shouldn’t only be worn in attempt to titillate someone else. I’m just at the stage in life, where I like to admire my own titties sitting right or seeing how the longline bra snatches in my waist. I think all woman should invest in a nice lingerie set. Lingerie is both empowering and inspiring.

Outfit Details

facetune_04-11-2018-11-59-45This outfit surprisingly wasn’t a dedicated lingerie set, I bought all the items in this “set” individually but it goes together perfectly – thank God all the high street stores copy each other’s style. I love it because it’s very oh I wasn’t expecting you to pop by even though I “accidentally” texted you. The colour on my melanin is everything I needed – it’s not everyday the conventional black, red or white in the boudoir – sometimes add colour. Also despite all the items being super cheap, the satin isn’t scratchy or irritating on the skin. The kimono is oversized and swamping with batwing sleeves which I love because I feel like I can hide in it but still serve angles. The oriental kimono is from Boohoo with the matching bra top from Pretty Little Thing. I could not believe my eyes when I found the bra on Pretty Little Thing. I already had the kimono but found it too overwhelming and a bit much for everyday, so I was overjoyed when I found the bra in the sale section. The only draw back about the bra is that because it’s a top it has no support or underwire, which is irritating when your boobs are natural, heavy and sag like a mofo. The shorts were borrowed from my Ann Summers’ Dakota bralet and short set, which unfortunately I barely wear because the Dakota top is unflattering on me. The shorts however are amazing.

Going Further

I’ve given you a little introduction to my love for lingerie. I promise you future lingerie posts will be less literary and more visual. This lingerie section will feature some product reviews, countdowns, try on and some “looks”. I am going to serve you face, body or cuteness.  To make up for this lengthy lingerie posts, here’s some outtakes and candids  from the shoot

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