I Don’t Want Your Girl If She’s Not Top 5 – Budget Edition

My entire existence now more than ever is bawling on a budget. I love lingerie but neither me, my account or brank’s overdraft procedure can justify spending over £100 for a set. The difference between luxury and high street is mainly just quality of the material (i.e. you can get extremely cute designs at a reasonable price). Here are my favourite 5 budget/ online high street lingerie brands.

1. Pour Moi

Don’t be misled by the French name, ‘Pour Moi’ is a UK brand that caters for all kind of ladies. Pour Moi make bras for you, whether you require padded or non-padded bras, full cup or half cups, balcony or plunge.  For me (lol) they make the best soft cup bra and bralettes for bigger girls. My first ever straping-style and non T-Shirt bra was the Obsession Bra in Black/Pink. I hate to be this cliché, butttt I was obsessed from the second I tried it on. I used to prefer T-Shirt & Plunge bras because I thought the padding gave me a slight boost and a rounder cleavage, but that bra completely dispelled those misconceptions. It gave me the cutest cleavage ever and the additional strapping gave me the sex appeal, y’all girl needed.

r710632-p740057-alternateobsession thongobsession suspenderobsession braobsession basque

2. Playful Promises

So I’m obsessed with Playful Promises and for future reference, if you ever want to buy me a gift card, it should be for this store. To start off with their name is everything and they cater for standard and fuller cups at a reasonable price. They specialise in pin up vibes and grown woman glam. I’m not even a major vintage chica but I love the muted seduction of high wasted waspies and suspender knickers, also harnesses are life.  Their product line is incredibly diverse with different collections  (e.g. Peek & Beau and Betty Page) in an exhaustive range of sizes. What I love most about them is that they only make subtle adjustments for the bigger cupped ladies.  A major pet peeve I have is when companies disfigure a bra to make it more “practical” for larger cupped lady. Playful Promises keep the sensuality and feminity without giving me unintentional boob spillage or an overall ham in string vibe.


I’m a massive ASOS-aholoic. In 2013 ASOS Premier service stole my heart and the ability to have all my retail therapy needs swayed me. I had to wait a couple of years for ASOS’s Fuller Bust range to catch my attention, but when it did my bank account definitely suffered. ASOS’s core lingerie range is adorable, very feminine and every lace based consisting of an awful lot of triangle and plunge bras

4. Curvy Kate

I tell every fuller figured lady to if nothing else visit Curvy Kate. Curvy Kate cater soley for ladies with the larger cup with sizes ranging from D to a wopping K. Similar to Playful Promises, I love the fact that they only make bra for larger cups. I  hate seeing the different in cuteness levels between the core collection and fuller bust collection, Curvy Kate make one bra that works for small and big cups, which is all I ever want. For me Curvy Kate are the perfect introduction into lingere as the produce cute everyday, comfortable bras with adorable prints and patterns. My mum is obsessed with their full coverage bras and she love the width of the straps. I like how secure I feel in their bras and their sheers bras are stupidly cute.

5. Bluebella

I was hesistant to include them because their main collection is focused on smaller tittied girls and I’ve been a DD from the age of 13. But they recently expanded their brand to include DD – G cups. It’s not fully comprehensive but it’s definitely a start and their stuff is CUUUUTTTEEEEEEEE! Cute is the ultimate adjective but their stuff isn’t even cute its sex  They make the perfect rip “breakfast, lunch and dinner underwear”,  Unfortunately like most standard size bra company’s who expanded into the fuller bust range, it’s not as sexy / revealing as their core collection. It has more padding and coverage but still very cute, very sexy, very much I’ve ready for bae to grab me from behind.

Honorary Mention

Honorary mention has to go out to Ann Summers. It’s quite obvious from my Instagram feed that I have a loving relationship with Ann Summers. They make cute yet sexy everyday bras with some special pieces at amazing prices. My main reason for not including them in my top 5 is because their imitations of luxury brands such as Agent Provacteur, Stylish Pia and Edge of Beyond are on the tackier side of life and several items from their new collections, are repeats of their previous collections. Nonthenless Ann Summers are still a staple and make the perfect stepping stone into lingerie addiction.

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