I Shook You Off

“I got to shake you off, because you’re loving aint the same and you keep on playing game like you know I’m here to stay”

So I frequently get sent a variation of the “I think our friendship is off ” text. Sometimes I’m frankly just not in a social mood, so conversing with people isn’t a priority. But most of the time if you feel like something in our relationship has changed and I’m acting different towards you, then we’ve probably reached the tail end of our friendship. I’m at the stage in my life where if I sense a toxic or one-sided friendship, I begin to sever my emotional ties with that individual. I’m aware tell when someone is preserving our friendship only to exploit it at a later date.  I can tell when someone is only messaging me to “patent me” or lay the foundation down for a future favour, so if you message me and my responses are cold what you’re experiencing is my residual love dissipating.

Just like my namesake(ish) and diva icon, I’m shaking you off because realistically we shouldn’t be friends




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