Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead

So despite mental health awareness and acceptance increasing, the misconceptions and stigma behind mental health is still very much intact. I don’t divulge my mental health issues freely and I’m semi functioning so most people I encounter aren’t aware of my situation. I’m not open about my mental health for several reasons but one of the reasons I choose to not speak about mental health, is due to people’s reactions. For lack of a better word people move like dickheads and make insensitive and/or rude remarks regarding my mental health condition. The following things have all been said to me by uninformed and untrained people. Some of these individuals are former and existing friends, some are by family members, potential suitors, teachers and family friends.

  1. You have borderline personality disorder, does that mean you’re only half/borderline crazy.
  2. Loool aren’t most girls emotionally unstable, mood swings are normal. I think you’re exaggerating
  3. Oh whats that on your arm.. Why do you self harm? Does it hurt?
  4. Why you depressed? What happened to you to make you depressed? You can’t just wake up and be depressed.
  5. If you’re suicidal, then why don’t you just kill yourself. Is it a form of attention seeking or do you really wanna do it You don’t actually really want to kill yourself, if you did you would be dead by now. It’s not that hard to kill yourself
  6. You need to stop cutting yourself, no one is going to want to marry you with all these scars on your body
  7. You need to stop blaming everything on mental health. It’s not an excuse for everything you do wrong
  8. Have you tried to just not be depressed/ anxious? You need to try exercise/going for walks/ praying/ tough love

Needless to say, my reaction to these comments was not pleasant. Its only by God’s grace that no physical altercations happened. Moving forward I need everyone to refrain from spurting reckless remarks about my mental health because I’m no longer the person you want smoke with. Don’t poke the bear, I have a good shout for the insanity plea. Stop being a dickhead!

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