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Blue Therapy: Addressing The Issues

Originally posted on Millennial Femme:
Whether Blue Therapy is a piece of fact or fiction, the cultural relevance of the online miniseries cannot be denied. Blue Therapy uses the context of a “therapy session” to address the issues plaguing modern relationships. No stranger to “trash” guilt pleasure like entertainment, Blue Therapy and provides a reflection…

Argue With No One Else But You

Originally posted on Millennial Femme:
As much as we’d love for our relationship to always be completely copacetic and devoid of any disagreements, with the way life is and stuff it throws at us we can sometimes feel like we’re stuck recreating John Legends’s ordinary people. Arguments to a certain extent are normal and it’s…

Protect Platonic Friendships

Originally posted on Millennial Femme:
Platonic – a relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex – Urban Dictionary In an era of sexual liberty and casual sex with friends, I feel like I’m witnessing the end of true platonic friendships. There’s a common misconception that there’s sexual tension underpinning all friendships between men…

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